Review: Transistor is a soulful spin on the action RPG genre


 Virtually perfect



A Heartfelt Endeavour – Interview with Heart Machine’s Alex Preston

This article originally appeared in Volume XX, Issue IX of The University Observer and online at universityobserver.ie


Alex Preston, founder of Heart Machine, chats to Niall Gosker about the highly anticipated action RPG Hyper Light Drifter


The Secret World and the future of the MMORPG

This article originally appeared online at universityobserver.ie


The MMORPG as we know it is in a state of flux, facing an uncertain and unguaranteed future. With The Secret World dropping its mandatory subscription fee, has it avoided the pitfalls so many others have fallen into? Separate from that, does it, on a very basic level, breathe new life into an aging formula? And if so, what does it mean for the genre at large? Niall Gosker investigates.